Be at the forefront of your industry and gain access to resources, knowledge, technology and best practices. Understand the latest developments for our products and how that relates to your business. Gain advice, knowledge-transfer and hands-on help from our experts.

When you join the Capita Enterprise Support Programme, you experience ongoing engagement throughout the year.

  • Collaborate with Your Trusted Advisor
  • Determine Your Priorities
  • Match Services to Your Goals
  • Reap the Rewards

Support your staff and solve key business problems.  

Key modules include:

  • Optimise your investment - Software Assurance Management - Initial QA of the Integra Finance system after upgrade into Development only, to make sure that the system works functionally. Work with the Finance department to make sure that further testing is done and signed in conjunction with a Integrated Business Software and Solutions Project Manager
  • Statutory Report Management - Creation and amendment of reporting requirements in line with the operational and business needs. (Crystal Reports, XQueries, iBI/Dashboards, eForms)
  • Transformation of Process - Workflow Management - Create and amend Integra workflows in line with the operational and business needs
  • Policy and Procedure Management - To review and document each functional area to identify where processes can be made more efficient or where the customer departs from best practice. Subsequent reviews for each functional upgrade to explain how the new functionality could be exploited by the client to maximise the benefits of the upgrade
  • Dedicated System Accountant - Dedicated system administrator, that will understand your system and your business.
  • Support Management - Extended maintenance reporting
  • Routine Cycle Management - Run Ledger Period Ends and make sure that Integra month end process are complete. Run Ledger Year Ends and make sure that month end accounts are complete.
  • Reconciliation Management - Checking and reconciling Ledger control accounts
  • Security & Menu Management - Maintain security access, coding structures and hierarchies within the Integra system
  • Archive Management - Running Integra Package archiving to make sure that the system is running to its optimal performance with the required financial records held
  • User Management - Maintain user access to the Integra system
  • Interface Management - CMI, EAI/SAI, GGI, GLI, ICE, PCI, PLI, POI, SLI

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