The objectives of the our Hosted Services initiative are simple: to host, monitor and manage the hardware, database, operating system, and application proactively, ensuring maximum effectiveness in terms of performance and functionality. This work is all undertaken from our modern Data Centre facility, where we manage and maintain all the required hardware and software to enable a seamless delivery to end users.

Our Hosted Service is a proactive and cost efficient method of reducing the risks associated with running your business systems. By tapping into the combination of experience, skills and business awareness represented in the Hosted Service team, you can ensure the efficient operation of the environment surrounding your business systems.

Our modern Date Centre centres offer world class resilience and green credentials conforming to ISO27001, ISO14001, ISO9000, ISO20000, BS25999, and JSP440.

Our hosting teams can design and implement the appropriate infrastructure for your needs utilising best in class technologies from our Partners including HDS, HP, Cisco and Checkpoint.

Please contact us to find out how we can drive down your IT costs and maximise availability and performance of your key business applications.