Innovative Residential Care System

It has been estimated that an average of 41% of people entering residential care each year self-fund. However, self-funders can potentially require local authority support. If a self-funder exhausts their own resources, often as a result of poor financial planning, then councils are required to step in. The issue of people falling back on state funding already costs councils up to £1bn per year. Many key decision-makers in councils are unaware of the problem or underestimate its cost by up to 50%.

Integrated Business Software and Solutions in collaboration with Nottinghamshire County Council has developed a residential care solution, Integra Residential (BEDs) to help local authorities overcome this issue.

With the focus on costs, and the value for money of residential adult social care at the top of the agenda, the BEDs system not only allows service users to receive the best possible advice, it also enables care homes to secure better financial support and it lets local authorities significantly reduce their costs while simultaneously increasing their standards of service.

We chose Integrated Business Solutions because they demonstrated their capabilities and experience in developing similar systems.

Paul McKay Service Director, Nottinghamshire County Council

Case Studies

Nottinghamshire County Council

Nottinghamshire County Council

Nottinghamshire County Council and Capita IBS have worked together to develop a comprehensive online solution that will generate cost savings

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