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Great Yarmouth Borough Council Integra Centros

The Customer

Great Yarmouth Borough Council is a local government authority situated in the coastal town of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, the council plays a pivotal role in enriching the lives of its residents and visitors alike. 

Samantha Mooney is the Finance System Manager who plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth functioning of Integra Centros. Samantha takes charge of maintaining the system, handling password resets, resolving service desk issues, and crafting insightful reports.

The Challenge

Great Yarmouth Borough Council made the strategic decision to move to Integra Centros primarily to acquire the much-needed multicompany functionality. The council had setup a separate company, Great Yarmouth Services (GYS), and bringing the outsourced services back in-house required a system that could efficiently manage multiple entities under a unified financial platform.

A Business Process Review (BPR) review was conducted during the transition to Centros to identify additional functionalities that could be utilised to improve financial processes. The identification of eForms, for instance, presents an opportunity for further automation and efficiency gains.

By conducting the BPR, the council gained valuable insights into the vast capabilities of Integra that had not been fully explored previously. The review served as a revelation, showcasing what the system could off er and revealing the untapped potential it held.

With this newfound knowledge and understanding, the council now has the ammunition it needs to push through changes and improvements to their existing processes. The BPR has provided concrete evidence of areas where adjustments and optimisations can be made, empowering the council to implement meaningful and positive changes. 

Samantha Mooney Finance System Manager’s said, “I don’t think as a whole Integra has ever really been pushed to its full potential,” underscores the significance of the BPR’s revelations. 

The review has sparked a realisation within the council about the opportunities for growth and efficiency that lay within the capabilities of Integra, motivating them to strive for a more robust and optimised financial management system.

The Project

The upgrade process of Integra Centros at Great Yarmouth Borough Council was a success, and the overall experience was remarkably smooth with relatively few issues encountered during the transition. The council’s Finance System Manager expressed contentment with the upgrade, emphasising that the process proceeded with minimal complications.

Multicompany Functionality

Multicompany functionality has streamlined processes and made managing different entities within the council a lot easier, eliminating the complexities associated with separate ledgers and providing a more holistic view of financial data. The successful onboarding of GYS as a second company onto Centros has further highlighted the effectiveness of the decision. Having access to all the ledgers through a single system has simplified financial management

Consultancy Expertise

One contributing factor to the upgrade’s success was the satisfaction with the appointed Business Consultant. The council was pleased with the consultant’s expertise and guidance throughout the upgrade process. The consultant understood the council’s specific requirements and provided valuable insights, ensuring that the upgrade was tailored to meet their needs effectively. The new Workspaces in Integra Centros have proven to be an invaluable asset for the users at Great Yarmouth Borough Council, offering seamless and efficient ways to manage tasks and authorisations. Samantha, the Finance System Manager, has been an avid advocate of the Orders workspace and actively encourages others to utilise its functionality.

Improved User Experience

One notable aspect of the move to Centros is its cleaner and simpler interface, which has garnered high praise from users. The revamped design has contributed to a more intuitive user experience, making it easier for staff to navigate the system effortlessly.

Users’ reactions to Centros have been overwhelmingly positive, with some expressing genuine enthusiasm for the system. They find it to be a significant improvement, and using the new functionality has become second nature to many. As a result, Centros has become the norm for the council’s financial management processes, reflecting its seamless integration into their day-to-day operations.‘


The all-in-one nature of the Workspaces has been highly commended, simplifying access to essential tasks and fostering greater efficiency. The ability to perform a range of actions within a single workspace has made users’ lives much easier, eliminating the need to navigate multiple sections of the system. For individuals who have little to no experience with a finance system, the Workspaces have provided a valuable entry point, streamlined processes and facilitated a smooth learning curve. Users have found the Workspaces easy to adapt to, even for those accustomed to traditional methods like email-based approvals. Accountants are used to emails but have found it easy to pick up workspaces to do things like authorise orders.


The implementation of Centros at Great Yarmouth Borough Council has positioned the council for a more streamlined and future-ready approach to financial management. With the adoption of Centros, the council now has the capability to set up another company with greater ease, streamlining the process by mirroring the configuration of the existing entities. The council would recommend Integra Centros to another organisation they highlighted its standout feature: the multicompany functionality. This aspect makes it a breeze to manage multiple entities under one system.


Transitioning to Centros is hassle-free, and user appreciate its familiar interface, making the change seamless. The system’s sleek design and cleanliness also make it visually appealing, further enhancing user experience. The system’s user-friendliness is a major advantage, as staff can easily adapt to it without significant training. 

In conclusion, they wholeheartedly recommend Integra Centros for its efficient multicompany capabilities and user-friendly interface, making it an excellent choice for any organisation.

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Great Yarmouth Borough Council Integra Centros