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Documents are a critical part of any organisation's ability to drive business processes, maintain records and communicate internally to employees, as well as externally to customers, partners and suppliers. For many organisations these documents remain in paper format, stored in file cabinets centrally or at different branch locations.
Such a system makes paper documents hard to find and even more difficult to share, creating an expensive and labour-intensive, yet still critical process.
Integrated Business Software and Solutions provide a range of document management and document capture solutions and services that help you to quickly, securely and efficiently manage documents of any type. We work with our partners to develop and supply a range of document and information management solutions offering automated document capture, document records management, revision, change control and BPM workflow functions.

Converting Paper Documents into Data

Our document capture and imaging solutions allow companies to transform paper documents into electronic data and can be applied to meet the needs of a specific department, or expanded to meet the complex needs of a high-volume, globally-dispersed enterprise.

Once scanned, document images are easier to work with than paper, and cannot easily be lost or damaged.

Any document can be scanned either for archive purposes or to be approved and distributed around the business.
Typical benefits and applications include:
  • Improve resource utilisation and efficiency by reducing the 'paper mountain'
  • Increase productivity with less time and resource spent on processing and retrieving documents
  • Capture all your document images and data, regardless of document type, for improved flexibility. Integrate and use this data with other applications.
  • Consolidate and rationalise document data by merging all document sources including fax, mail, scanners, multi-function devices.
  • Validate captured data against application data, by intelligently 'reading' key documents.
  • Provide other software applications with captured data, automatically or manually online, for further processing.
  • Integrate other applications and users into the document process via web technology.
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Integrated Business Solutions consultants have been excellent from day one and we are now looked after by the support team, whose response continues to be proactive and professional.

Pauline Flynn Finance Director, Praxiscare