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Integra Centros

Our Finance & Accounting Software solution, Integra Centros, is a suite of cloud-based software for finance, procurement and related functions.

Modular, scalable, flexible and reliable, it is shaped and driven by IBSS's 30 years of expertise in meeting the existing and imminent imperatives across multiple sectors with best-of-breed solutions that offer a clear return on investment.

Integra Centros provides financial accounting and purchasing software solutions, with the capability to integrate with further systems to provide an end-to-end ERP capability. The financial suite includes general ledger, cash management, procurement, receivables, payables, project accounting.

Why organisations choose Integra Centros

  • We empower rapid and confident decision making, future-planning with full financial control and oversight for a SME
  • Realtime access to advanced analytics and reporting on all aspects of financial activity-profit
  • We help reduce administration costs by automating non-value adding tasks and streamlining standard processese to focus on your business
  • The ability to pick the modules you need to help you grow and scale up in line with your business trajectory
  • Flexibility to encompass a full ERP capability by integrating with complementary applications the go
  • A secure web-based application, supporting access anywhere for full employee flexibility board reporting and business intelligence tools
  • The ability to support multiple companies or share services
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For me I think it’s an easy system to use, it’s easy to navigate throughout, it’s a logical system. So, from a layman’s perspective, anyone can come in learn the system quickly and easily. 

Integra Financials

Our financial management software, Integra Centros, combines an adaptable approach with solid practical experience, ensuring that we can provide you with the right solution you need to achieve your e-business targets.

Developed in-house by experts, our database management, windows and web architecture sits on powerful technology created specifically for financial management and software. The result is a flexible and powerful processing capability for all your financial accounting and management information needs.

In terms of delivery, the choice is yours! Whether you want to be hands-on, prefer a managed service or fully hosted cloud solution, we support whatever suits you best.

Why organisations choose Integra Centros

  • Scalable—  You can enjoy the benefits whether you’re a large corporate or a SME
  • Flexible—  Reflects and supports your management structure and working procedures – whether you’re public, private or not-for-profit
  • Easy to set up, easy to use—  Your staff will be up and running in no time, leaving them free to focus on your business
  • Multi-user capabilities—  Hundreds of concurrent users with no compromise of performance
  • Mobile—  The mobile functionality allows you to access Integra on the go
  • Comprehensive reporting and alerting facilities—  Gain improved business insight through cross-modular, graphical dashboard reporting and business intelligence tools
  • Workflow management—  Keeps everyone informed in real-time of relevant process details e.g. allowing authorised users to find out where a purchase order is, when it’s due and who’s handling it