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Digital Solutions & Transformation

The IBSS Digital Solutions team help business leaders adapt to, and leverage, the fast-evolving technological landscape. Our experts can guide you in everything from technology strategy and cloud solutions to cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, powered by the Integra Platform and our cloud hosted solutions. This approach ensures that your organisation can realise the transformative potential of technology, now and into the future.

The Digital Solutions team will help you to achieve high value, secure and sustainable outcomes. The Integra platform hosted in Microsoft Azure will provide the digital backbone and tooling to allow you push beyond transformation projects to become a transformative enterprise. We believe that this ecosystem along with our expertise will facilitate you in achieving rapid innovation and real digital transformation that ensures desired business outcomes are achieved whilst also empowering your people to create an environment of innovation.

The main challenge we see for companies these days is the velocity of digital innovation. High performing companies need to continuously innovate, requiring accurate business insights to facilitate quick decision making and having the right ecosystem that enables these outcomes. Across businesses, breaking down silos, helping work to flow, and the democratisation of data is essential for the good of the organisation. We believe our team of professional technologists have the optimum blend of experience and technologies to deliver high value, secure and sustainable outcomes—now and into the future.

Whilst businesses understand the importance of digital innovation and transformation, knowing where to start can be a significant challenge. Clients and employees will expect a modern and intuitive user experience. I.T. Teams will want a solution that is secure and empowers them to innovate. Business leaders will want analytics and insights that facilitates them in making the right decisions for the business. Considering all this as part of a digital transformation can be over whelming, but our experience and hands-on approach will help guide you through this journey.

Why Our Customers Choose IBSS for Digital Solution & Transformations

  • Digital Strategy – assisting and advising on your digital transformation journey.
  • Cloud Excellence – migrate and build your solution in industry leading secure cloud.
  • Innovation – maximising innovation and value through our Integra Platform & Cloud Solutions.
  • Productivity - freeing up valuable resources to work on high value activities through automation of routine tasks.
  • Data, Analytics & AI – facilitating accurate decision making to empower your business.
  • Compelling Experiences – consistent UX and one vision of the truth for clients & employees.
  • Proof of Concept Workshops – facilitating customer enablement and business case development.
  • Global Standards – accredited to ISO 9001 and 27001 standards delivering quality and security across our solutions.
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Digital Solutions

The Digital Solutions Team work with an agile approach which allows us to deliver value, reliability, and security to our customers; allowing them to achieve high value outcomes rapidly.

We believe that we have the best combination of people, processes, and technologies to facilitate our clients in achieving rapid innovation and real digital transformation that ensures desired business outcomes are achieved.

Services we provide

The team continues to innovate, leveraging the latest technologies and methodologies in an end-to end service that spans:-
  • Consultancy– over 40 years’ experience of providing professional expert advise on digital solutions and transformation.
  • Project Management– accredited PRINCE2 Project Management teams with experience of managing national projects across UK&I.
  • Design– Expert UI\UX professionals that will facilitate a user centred approach to a digital solution.
  • Software Development – a team of professional software developers working in an agile way to deliver value and successful outcomes.
  • Data Migration– vast experience of migrating data from legacy systems across multiple database products.
  • Integrations– multiple successful implementations of our solutions being integrated with third-party systems.
  • Implementation– we provide an array of solutions with regards to implementing projects; from on-site Technical Consultants to automated delivery of solutions to the cloud.
  • Customer Support– dedicated local support teams to assist customer in the making the right use of the system and troubleshooting any issues they may have.