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Somerset NHS Foundation Trust Integra Centros

The Customer

Somerset Partnership NHS’s Foundation Trust acquired Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, there-by forming Somerset NHS Foundation Trust, the trust plans a further merger with Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and will become the first NHS trust on the English mainland to provide community, mental health, and acute hospital services.

The Challenge

The two foundation trusts had been working in an alliance for a number of years and the direction of travel has been towards one provider of NHS services across Somerset, however each trust was supplied by a different provider of their finance solution. The intention was that Taunton and Somerset, Somerset Partnership and Yeovil District Hospital would all merge using Integra’s multicompany functionality and utilise a single finance solution moving forward. The decision was made in October 2019 that the partnerships strategic future was with a unified Integra Centros solution. The challenge was to migrate the way the two-trust worked together and as part of this process move into one finance and procurement process.

The Solution

Initially the Trust intended to align the system migration with the Trust migration, with the aim to go live on 1st of April 2020, however they realised for a trust in excess of £850m, they should plan for a 9-to-12-month migration.
As the Integra Centros project moved forward a solid project plan was created. Teams had greater integration and they had a sufficient testing plan, the data was validated, and with the help of the IBSS project manager they were given a structure to work with. The Somerset project leadership team worked closely with the IBSS Project Manager; this was complemented by the valuable resource in the IBSS business consultant’s expertise.
The change to Integra Centros was simplified through an easy to make transition. Chris Upham said “I think personally because I and members of the existing Somerset Partnership Trust have always used Integra 2, so have always been familiar with the with the process and had familiarity of the system, how to do certain things. It’s an easyto- use system and I think moving from Integra 2 to Integra Centros was an easy transition to make because of that”

The Outcome

Easy to Use

The Trust has found Integra Centros to be exceptionally user-friendly, boasting intuitive navigation and logical design. They believed that any user can quickly and effortlessly learn to navigate the system.


Having gone after a 10-month migration period for the multiple trusts, the Somerset NHS FT reaped the benefits of Integra Centros’ multi-company functionality. This feature has enabled all financial management to be consolidated into a single solution, streamlining year-end processes and reporting policies, speeding up and improving the reporting process.

Improved reporting

The Trust particularly values the configurability of Centros, which has allowed them to tailor reports and customise features to suit their specific business requirements

Future proof

Integra Centros’ multi-company capabilities has also positioned the Trust well for any future acquisitions. The system has will enable easy integration of new entities, whether additional companies or charities requiring separate reporting structures, ensuring future adaptability and scalability, and allowing the Trust to reduce the costs of running multiple systems. This adaptability has strengthened their strategic position for future growth and development.

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Somerset NHS Foundation Trust Integra Centros