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Integrated Business Software and Solutions offers exceptional service management for its clients and partners. Aligned to the world leading best practice framework, ITIL clients are supported from end-to-end to ensure that they receive the best possible outcomes from their investment.

All clients are allocated a Service Manager. It will be the responsibility of the nominated individual to act as the point of contact between you and Integrated Business Solutions and Solution and to attend service review meetings.

Why organisations choose Integra Centros

  • First Point of issue escalationor a SME
  • Additional consultancy and support requirementsr-profit
  • Provision of advice and guidance
  • Supporting additional interface requirements
  • Integration of additional modules
  • Additional product demonstrations and training
  • Highlighting of new developments and functionality
If you want managed services without any local IT footprint, our cloud services provide a secure and reliable alternative.
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“As a hosted service I log a call with the service desk and 99% of them are looked at within the hour and a lot of them are resolved, certainly that day or very soon after.”

Dumfries & Galloway Council

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Flexible service from our experts

Database management – Our DBA specialists will keep your Oracle or SQL Server system in a state of optimum tuning, so you enjoy the best performance and high levels of uptime.

Applications management– Minimum risk, maximum quality – our applications management facility will ensure that your services are always fully up to date, working at full pitch and properly supported by experts.

Operating systems management– We will make certain that your Windows and Linux implementations are completely clean and malware free – as well as fully patched, up to date and always optimally configured.

Disaster recovery – A full featured disaster recovery service should be top of your list if you want to ensure business continuity. We help with annual recovery testing and manage all local set-ups. If you choose our hosted option we can provide point-in-time recovery to keep data loss at a minimum

You will benefit from

Highly experienced technical team– Our people have earned a variety of standard IT practice qualifications, including those covering Microsoft, Oracle, Citrix, Unix and Linux products

Controlled costs– Our services enable predictable and stable budget

High service levels– As part of our basic contractual arrangements, we agree binding service levels with you

Increased productivity– Proactive management ensures less downtime, and better departmental and individual productivity

Better focus– Your people can concentrate on your core business, leaving us to handle everything else

Lower and more controlled headcount– You won’t need specialist recruitment and you won’t need to worry about gearing up for peaks – or gearing down for troughs

Improved compliance– You won’t need to keep up with legislative and regulatory changes affecting your systems – we handle that for you