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Our Integra Platform Changes the way you work

Flexibility is the key to Integra, with user-defined parameters allowing the accounting software to be shaped to each individual customer's requirements.
However, these can be changed quickly and easily to allow for the evolving nature of business environment in which it is operating.

Integra General Ledger

With its ability to operate at the heart of the Integra suite of financial accounting software or as a stand-alone module in its own right, the Integra General Ledger provides one of the most sophisticated, comprehensive and yet easy-to-use financial accounting software systems available.

The Integra General Ledger allows any organisation to track not only its financial data, but also any statistical or related activity data within one totally integrated environment.

As with all modules of Integra, the Integra General Ledger is available to users on either a web based or client server platform.

A highly parameterised module, the Integra General Ledger can be configured to suit the requirements of any style of organisation.

Integra Purchase Ledger

The Purchase Ledger is one of the comprehensive range of modules making up the entire suite of the Integra financial management system.

As a fully functional multi-company, multi-currency ledger, it can be installed as part of a total purchasing and supplies environment with integration to Integra Purchase Order Processing, Stock Management, and General Ledger modules.

Like all Integra modules, the Purchase Ledger is extensively parameter driven. An organisation therefore has the flexibility to define exactly how the module will meet its requirements within the accounting software; from the format of the supplier code and individual credit terms through to invoice registration options with full payment facilities and the selection of multi-company operation.

Integra Sales Ledger

The flexibility of the Integra Sales Ledger stems from the use of definable parameters throughout the product.

These operate at both the overall system level, defining for example, the financial calendar, the integration with other Integra modules and within the Sales Ledger itself defining areas such as the base currency, VAT codes and rates, default General Ledger posting codes, credit terms, customer categories, etc.

Integra Stock Management

The Integra Stock Management system allows you to record, control and manage all aspects of stock demands and movements.

It enables the receipting, tracking, transferring and issuing of stock as well as giving you up-to-date information on stock values. With the Integra Stock Management system, you have complete control over precisely how your accounting software should operate.

You can switch on or off bin coding, automatic transaction numbering, document security numbering etc. You can decide exactly how the terms used in the systems should be defined: bin or location code, catalogue or part code and so on. You can also set the length and masking for these codes to ease the migration to Integra from older systems.

Integra Fixed Assets Management

In addition to handling capital and non capital assets through the maintenance of an Asset Ledger with addition, transfer, disposal, revaluation and depreciation functions, further features include forecasting, bulk asset movement and current cost accounting depreciation.

The asset register provides a central mechanism for recording the status of the entire assets of an organisation. A completely flexible approach through the use of parameter tables allows the individual definition of aspects such as the accounting calendar, the rules for depreciation, currency rates and CCA requirements.

Integra Purchase Order Processing

The Purchase Order Processing module provides a comprehensive centralised or de-centralised purchasing function for the diverse needs of buyers, requisitioners and general users.

It maintains extensive details of commodities and their suppliers with associated price information, contact details, vendor performance ratings, delivery details, spend analysis together with full contract and tender information.

Integra Cash Management

The Integra Cash Management system is fully multi-currency and supports an unlimited number of bank accounts.

The module allows the location of each bank account to be defined so that centralised control can be maintained irrespective of where cash has been banked on the system. In addition, details of petty cash transactions can be held against each bank account.

Integra Employee Expenses Management

Easy, speedy, error free data entry is the key benefit of the Employee Expense Management system 〈EME〉.

High-level parameter settings allow you to configure the module to your particular needs, ensuring that day-to-day activities can be carried out with a minimum of effort.