The Modern Workplace and Workflow

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The Modern Workplace and Workflow

The modern workplace has introduced us to the benefits of using digital transformation to better support employees and enhance productivity. With the use of cloud services, mobile communication, artificial intelligence and automation, a more efficient workplace is available to workers.   

Despite the wealth of tools available, businesses that fail to adopt modern working methods could be at risk, especially as a recent report by The Employee Experience found that only 29% of employees are happy with their employer’s current approach to technology.  

If you haven’t started a road map to a modern working environment, we can help.


What Does a ‘Modern’ Workplace Look Like?

When we talk about a modern workplace, we’re not just referring to flexible hours and remote working, but the digital benefits that employees can access on the go and in the office.

Not only does this benefit employees because they can work around events and other commitments, it will also benefit employers as studies have shown people who utilise flexible working are more productive.


How Effective Is It?

It all sounds good in theory – but does it really work?

Whilst the benefit of choosing your own working hours and location is appealing to many and according to a YouGov survey, just 9% of people in the UK work a traditional 9-5 job. There are a few requirements needed for employees to be able to work remotely.  

The embrace of flexible working environments is not without challenges.  Managing security, accessing group software on different sized devices and paper management need to be addressed before employees can receive the full benefit of flexible working.


Enabling Flexible Working Environments

Technology is what has encouraged an increase for the UK to embrace flexible working hours, specifically the internet and cloud-based software.

It allows individuals to securely access work files, documents and other data from anywhere they have a decent internet connection (and a suitable device).

It also makes it easier for employees to communicate with one another, which increases efficiencies across multiple departments.

Aside from that, other technological developments have enabled changes to be made in the workplace – for the benefit of both staff and company.

Transitioning from traditional software to a web-based platform means they are readable on multiple devices and platforms, such as laptops and tablets, Apple and Android.

Online and cloud-based security has greatly improved.  It gives employers confidence to have employees access sensitive data away from the office. And strict authorization controls can help to quickly identify fraudulent activity.

Finally, one of the most important technological advances to enable a flexible work environment is automation. It allows employers to reduce the number of steps needed to complete a task, integrate strong business rules and limit paper generating processes. Cleaner, automated processes means less data is accessed to complete tasks.

Integrated Business Software and Solutions provides everything your business needs to become a modern working environment for your finance function.


Integra Centros – From Integrated Business Software and Solutions

Integra Centros is a cloud-based solution that includes the following features:

  • Cloud-friendly
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Web-based
  • Flexible automation

It offers complete solution for paperless finance and helped businesses and organisations throughout the UK and Ireland adapt to the modern working environment.


As an example, we’ve put together a case study on our work with Praxis Care, a healthcare charity that integrated Integra Centros.

It states that “with the increased automation, information is flowing much faster through the organisation.

“Integra is able to cope with our complex structure extremely well and we are enjoying complete visibility throughout the operation.

“In addition, the emailing of management reports is so much easier than before. Integra provides us with improved accountability, allowing the budget holder to drill-down to see an invoice – an excellent attribute.

“There is a lot more information at our fingertips which helps us provide our stakeholders with more accurate reports and better decision making.”

We offer bespoke solutions of Integra Centros, so you can have something that perfectly suits your needs.

If you’d like to find out how Integra Centros can help modernise your business, you can make an enquiry by clicking here.

One of our team would be delighted to discuss this further with you.

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