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Not-for-Profit organisations are coming under increased pressure and face many unique business challenges. Pressure to minimise operational overheads whilst providing high-quality service to recipients.

Changing Legislation

As well as the demands of complying with changing legislation and regulatory requirements, Associations, Charities and Institutes have to maintain proactive & effective communication with donors, members and volunteers.

Above all, Not-for-Profit organisations need to demonstrate that the funds and contributions raised are being used effectively and delivering value to their stakeholders.

Meeting the Challenges

To meet these challenges, financial information systems must be quick to implement, cost effective, simple and straightforward to use, and contribute to efficiency savings by streamlining operations to help cut costs. The financial systems must be flexible, able to automate fund accounting and allocation tasks, handle complex requirements, streamline and consolidate budgeting processes, and provide detailed and customised reporting.

Flexible Business Solutions

At Integrated Business Software and Solutions we have a wealth of experience in the Not-for-Profit sector and understand how financial systems can streamline operations, increase efficiency and improve communications with their stakeholders.

We further understand that the requirements of SORP have made many Not-for-Profit organisations look for more comprehensive and flexible financial software in order to have instant access to financial information for Trustees, to analyse in detail the profitability of specific projects and account for expenditure in multiple currencies.